Medical Relief II

December 2, 2014

Believe . Receive . Walk

Our church had witness another miraculous harvesting time over 6200 souls saved. The whole church had taken part in the Medical Relief through being the goers and prayer warriors. We know that He is in control as He had led us all away from Manila (away from Typhoon Hagupit)to testify Him in Clark.

Brothers and sisters flew in to meet up with our local Philippines team in Clark on 2 December. Familiar smiles, handshakes and hugs… We are a big family built on the love and grace of Christ.

Our Medical Relief was filled with blessings, healing and miracles. We witness thousands who gave their life to God and experience healing.  Stroke patient regained speech and movement ability, woman was released from suicidal thoughts that had been hounding her. The lump in the neck of the mum & boy disappeared with the pain gone. A patient’s sight in the left eye was restored. All these miracles happened when they believed and received through prayers led by our counsellors.

We visited in total 2 elementary schools and 5 high schools. The principals of the school welcome us to give health talks and share the gospel to their students. Our brothers and sisters played games, sang praise and worship, took photos with the students and strong relationships were built within a short time. All of them felt that was a privilege and joy to be serving the Lord’s people in unity.

Praise the Lord that the Sunday service both held in Pangaisinan and Pampanga were filled with people and children, the numbers were out of our expectation. They all thirst for the Word of God.

Pastor Gavin and Sister Dharyll preached in two different places, 2 Timothy 2:13 was share: “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot disown Himself.” The Word of God reminds us that our Lord is forever faithful. And He is faithful to His covenant. What do we have to do is just to believe and receive. Throughout the service, God’s power poured out upon all people like a river overflowing. His Joy and His Peace touch all ! His love released all the pain and hurt, and all of us experienced the power of His Grace.

Praise God again for this wonderful Medical Relief. The people were beautiful , the weather was great…. the blue skies, white clouds sunrise and sunsets filled our trip with beautiful picture painted by God. Trust that greater harvest is coming!

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