Medical Relief I

July 21, 2015
Hallelujah! It was Hope of God Church Hong Kong 10th Medical Relief in Philippines. Pastor Gavin had been encouraging us with the Word of God to walk in the Holy Spirit as a church to fulfill the Great Commission.

Praise God! There were more than 100 brothers and sisters who responded as goers while the rest of the church supported in prayers. It is wonderful to see the body of Christ in action.  Our faith in God had led us to witness over 7500 souls saved this round. Thank God for the opportunity to witness His love and grace again!

We had Pastor Chris and his team, Dr. Daniel and his wife Donna who joined us faithfully again. This time they brought their dentist friends along too. Likewise the local doctors served along with us shared the same vision of spreading God’s love. They expressed their commitment for future Medical Reliefs.

God’s love was our refuge and strength. Every morning we started the day with a joyful and powerful prayer walk before we started to offer body, dental, eye checkup and counseling to the locals. It was amazing to see how brothers and sisters stepped in the gap for each other with the love of Christ.

Each year God’s harvest field grew bigger and bigger. Not only so, brothers and sisters had also grew tremendously in faith through the Medical Relief, witnessing more healings: paralysed woman stood up, deaf regained hearing, pain taken away, eyes healed, grief turned into joy. Words of God shared during counseling had grown the faith of the speakers and the listeners. It became active, alive and manifested among us. When we believe, we receive!

Praise God who opened the door for successful Health Talks. We have teams of brothers and sisters sharing about dental health to the elementary students, information about how smoking would harm our health to the high school and university students. We took this opportunity to share the gospel with them too. Witnessing their salvation is the greatest reward that God had given to us. We believe and pray that they would grow to love and know Jesus who is now the center of their life more and more, taking root in His love. There were some students who had shown eagerness to join our established care group in the schools. Amen!

The blessings came one after another; this time we have conducted Water Baptism of 25 brothers and sisters in two different venues witnessed joyfully by our brothers and sisters.

On Sunday, two services were held separately in different venues. In one of the service, Pastor Gavin preached book of Ephesians 3:17-19,bringing the congregation to focusing on the incomprehensible God’s love, and encouraging not only to understand but also to receive the abundance of God’s grace. People were touched and desired to know deeper about the love of God. God desire a close relationship with us. The congregation was alive in the Spirit and His joy and peace swept throughout the Hall! Through the services we see another 89 new souls coming into the Kingdom of God. God is indeed amazing!

Just as we thought we were ending our journey, He had provided our next Medical Relief venue for July 2016 already. Let us anticipate more doors opening for salvations!

We are the beloved children of God! We are already walking in His blessings. We believe that His Harvest field will keep growing and we will keep reaping new souls as we walk in the Him.

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