Group 2 & Group 3 Annual Picnic

May 25, 2015

Thank God for the wonderful annual Picnic of the G2 & G3. Though there was thunderstorm the days before and after, God blessed us with a wonderful sunny day. We had a joyful time of being near to the nature and building relationship, and about 70 of brothers and sisters, friends and family members joined the event.

We gathered at Kowloon Tong, after a warm welcome and opening prayer, we set off to Kam Tin Village Farm. During our journey, the guide furnished us with information and itinerary details.

Upon arrival, we took a group photo then proceeded to sing praises to the Lord. We then played several games and everyone had fun. After which, it was free time for us to explore the farm and have fellowship. We had lunch at Lau Fau Shan and had time to explore the dried seafood market nearby before leaving.

In the afternoon, at Hello Kitty Organic Farm in Yuen Long, there was a simple briefing and a hands on session to plant spinach. Each of us was given the cup we planted to take home. We had time to explore and take photos. All of us had a very memorable, enjoyable day.

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