10th Church Anniversary Celebration

October 13, 2002

We celebrated our 10th Anniversary on 13 October 2002. This year’s theme of “Acts Generation” signified our desire to model after the dynamic early church in the Book of Acts. The Sunday morning service was held at the Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel at Tsim Sha Shui and was attended by 312 members and guests. We were honored to have Pastor Simon Eng and Mrs Eng to be our VIPs.


Leaders from the 8 fellowship groups led a march and declared the characteristics of the church we want to build. Pastor Eng preached on Acts Chapter 6, encouraging us to live a spirit-filled life which would reflect God’s power and grace. 13 guests responded and received Christ at the service. Praise the Lord!


Our celebration dinner was held at the KingPalace at Hopewell Centre, and was attended by 280 adults and 31 children. The night was filled with joy, love and thanks giving! Pastor Gavin led us in giving thanks to our dear Heavenly Father for bringing the whole church to this day. People showed their appreciation to Pastor Gavin, Arlene, Allen, Purple, leaders and one another in their own unique ways. The big dance floor in the center of the restaurant was used to its fullest – we had praise songs and dances, folk dancing, group dancing, ballroom dancing, etc. For those who were there, you would agree that Pastor Gavin and Arlene made a beautiful couple in ballroom dancing, right?


It was an unforgettable day! It was only possible because so many brothers and sisters had planned and toiled and worked out every detail since a long time ago. Thank you, everyone of you!


Everything that had happened shall not just be kept as fond memories, but a important reminder for us to be committed in what we had declared. Let us continue to live up to our vision and be the true Acts Generation!

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