Thai Camp

April 29, 2004

In the early morning of 29 April, more than 2 scores of the brothers and sisters gathered in force at the Hong Kong International Airport with excitement and joy, heading to our Hope Camp at Khon Kaen. [ Over twenty sisters of our Thai Group had arrived there as well. ] Arriving at the Jubilee Hall of Khon Kaen University, we were all amazed to see such a big hall packed with a lot of brothers and sisters of our mother church, Hope Bangkok and our counterparts of our international Hope churches all over the world. We were also astonished to know that there were over 7000 brothers and sisters in this second round of the camp while there were also another 7000 in the first round in the previous week. Over 14000 people attending Hope Camp really showed us that it was indeed a big and important event!

At the foyer of the Jubilee Hall, one backdrop — Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, holding a lamb in His lap, stood out from the crowds, bringing out the theme of the camp —- “The Pastoring Church”. The teachings of 3 anointed pastors (Ps. PN, Ps. Simon and Ps. James), the powerful and spirit-filled praise and worship of Hope Bangkok Team intertwined with creative Hope Cartoons, Hope Pictures, Hope Testimonies & Hope Performance. All these projected a very stunning and encouraging impact upon the whole congregation. And it was obviously a challenge to all the brothers and sisters of Hope HK. We all responded to God’s calling, challenge, vision and moving. The whole team of Hope HK pledged to God in unison to be good pastoral shepherds unto the sheep while to be good sheep unto the shepherds. Every one of us came back to Hong Kong with lots of testimonies in high spirit to share and to witness for our Lord……….


Lolita (G 6-Fam. TKW)

True love is only from God. I saw a lot of Thai brothers & sisters with pure heart and motive to come before the Lord & to learn His Word. I was really touched by the section of healing from Ps. PN. I was able to see what it means by “true love”. Without the love of God, Ps. PN will not pray for that little girl with cancer wholeheartedly. I have learnt to love others and to be loved as well.

Catherine (G 6-Fam. Kwai Fong)

As a sheep, be submissive to God, to my leaders and my shepherd. As a shepherd, love my sheep with the love of God and set a good example to them. I would like to be a vessel for God to fulfill the Great Commission, to bring blessings to others and to win people for Christ.

George (G 6-Fam. Kwai Fong)

God answered all my goals which I set before going to the camp — how to be a good shepherd; the criteria to be a leader; how to pursue a balanced life physically, mentally & spiritually. In the camp, I responded to God by taking care of my sheep, building relationship with them, meeting their needs & feeding them with God’s Word.

Miranda (G 6-Fam. North Point)

Through the teaching about “Pastoring Church”, I knew as a shepherd, I have to be sharpened by God and work hard in God’s ministry. It is not easy to be a shepherd, but there is nothing too difficult for God. I will let God change me continuously.

Che Wan (G 4-University)

Every praise & worship session was so striking that I did feel that I was worshipping my God in heaven. I could see everyone was truly worshipping from the heart, and what touched me more was the enthusiasm displayed by a young boy. He really worshipped like a worshipper. I was greatly encouraged by this young boy and know that I need to worship my God right from the bottom of my heart. I could imagine that how beautiful the picture would be when we are in Heaven. God has also encouraged me through the meeting of Chinese brothers & sisters from other countries. Indeed it’s amazing to think that God’s work is being done all over the world. Through God’s love we are united together. I could see that God is using Chinese to spread His Gospel.

Adrian (G 4-University)

When I saw the vast number of brothers and sisters of God, I thought we were like army ants. But we are God’s army. Each and every single one of us has a purpose in each of our own unique life. I could sense the beauty of God’s creation: To have unity between unique individuals. I enjoyed the time being able to have fellowship with the brothers and sisters from Taiwan and Mainland. It’s indeed a great encouragement to be with them, knowing that we are all doing what God has called us to do. I was very much touched through one of the praise and worship section when there was a calling for God’s people to be strong and courageous! We should not worry about discouragement or inability. But we should be courageous for God, because God is a victorious God.

Rosanna (G 1)

God really taught me to be a loving shepherd towards HIS people. We need to humble ourselves and serve, help others with genuine heart. Even though I still have a lot of shortcomings, praise God that He still uses me in HIS Kingdom to take care of HIS people. I desire to do even better to shepherd my sheep and lead them to God closely. In this camp, God really directed my path in the area of study and allowed me to see His will. I am also convicted in my heart to take a bible study program in HIS timing. Truly it is a wonderful experience to attend this camp. All the glory be unto HIS name.

Kessler (G 3)

I have joined Hope of God Church for 8 years now, but due to various reasons, I was not able to join the mother church Annual Camp throughout these years. I thank God that I can finally join this year’s camp. Though there were some complications before the camp, God has provided guidance and protection all along, and I finally managed to make it to the camp. It was indeed a memorable experience. I have never imagined there are actually so many brothers and sisters around the world serving God together, until I arrived at the camp. I can still remember a very strong sense of unity when we were having praise and worship, and moving in the Holy Spirit together. I thank God for giving me this church, and I have made the commitment before God to offer my whole life to serve Him. May all glory and honor be to our Lord!

Anthony (G6 -Fam. Kwai Fong)

All the preachers and pastors could deliver the teaching in a simple yet lively way to explain the relationship between the sheep and shepherd and their responsibilities, which has clarified all my doubts about these questions over the past few years …… Other than the teaching which I could learn much, I really felt that it is indeed a privilege to have a group of anointed and powerful pastors to lead us in the way of God ….. Please be encouraged to ask for the clarification from our leaders if we have any doubts about the spiritual aspect.

Jack (G 2-Wan Chai 3)

In this camp, God’s love and power once again melted my heart, purifying and refining me in a deeper way so that I could have a renewal in the Lord. The whole camp was depicted as the picture of love and unity and I do believe that this picture is going to be enlarged to each corner of this world.

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