Mother’s Day

May 8, 2005

Although the yellow rainstorm signal was hoisted before our Mother’s Day Sunday Service, it could not stop our brothers and sisters from joining our Sunday service specially dedicated to our loving mothers. Extra chairs were brought out in anticipation of the overwhelming response. After praying for the children, Pastor Gavin also blessed the mothers who brought them to church.

After a powerful praise and worship session, the Mars family again performed a skit for us. As Mary Mars dossed off on a minibus one day, she heard a voice (from Brother Jack) telling her that God loves her and she should believe in Him. Mary decided to share the gospel with her mother Mrs. Mars so that she could enter the door of Heaven. Mary also gave flowers to Mrs. Mars for Mother’s Day, but sharing the gospel would be the best present of all.

Sister Mona and her family, including Brother Tony and baby Joseph, gave testimony after carnations were presented to all the mothers in the congregation. Sister Mona gave birth to baby Joseph by cesarean section in 2003 when Hong Kong was under the threat of the SARS epidemic. Sister Mona is now a full time housewife as she had to quit her job to look after baby Joseph, who only weighed five pounds at birth. Although Sister Mona intended to return to work after a few months, God has provided Bother Tony with additional income so that she can take care of baby Joseph all the time. Sister Mona encouraged all of us to have faith in God and He will provide for us.

After welcoming the brothers and sisters who came back from Hope Camp in Thailand, Pastor Gavin preached on 1 Kings Chapter 17: 8-16.  Pastor Gavin highlighted the three qualities of the widow from Zarephath of Sidon. She was willing to Serve God, a Caring person and Obedient to God. As she was preparing her last meal for her son, the widow was met by Elijah, a prophet sent by God. She gave water and food to Elijah even though she had barely enough for her own child. She showed compassion, kindness and love to the servant of God. Pastor Gavin also stated that mothers should guide their children and show them the right path. Mothers must give good example and provide salvation to their children as the solution to our lives is the forgiveness to our sins.

As Pastor Gavin asked all of us to open our eyes to God, he also asked the non-believers to response to God. Touched by the Lord, three new brothers and sisters accept Christ at the end of the service. We thank the Lord for His compassion and let us take good care of the new believers.

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