Annual Chuch Camp

February 25, 2007


Over 200 brothers and sisters joined the camp held at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village. Through the teachings, Mission Sunday, Hope Games, Mobilization Night as well as workshops, we learnt how to mobilize ourselves, as a church, to extend the Kingdom of God.

The Teaching
We had gone through ten invaluable lessons such as what a mobilized church is, why every believer has to serve God, what are the benefits of being a mobilized church, how to achieve effective mobilization as well as attitudes that hinder or advance our service to God. Powerful Praise and Worship sessions were conducted before the teachings. Pastor PN taught us that money was good in our hands but evil if it was in our hearts. Pastor Gavin shared that we ought to thirst for God’s word every morning. He also told us the seven main institutions in society: Law, Politics/Government, Education, Mass Media, Economics/Commerce, Art Entertainment and Literature, and with the church as the centre, we could influence the world. Pastor Somthob illustrated the power of unity by moving Brother Tady easily with a team of sisters. Brother Michael also shared some mobilization strategies that could be implemented into our care group and ministry.

Mission Sunday
After the powerful praise and worship, brother Kessler testified how God used him in His mission as a church planter. Then Pastor PN preached on “Stay Focus” from John 4: 31-38. As he said, we all had two eyes yet we had only one focus. We should finish God’s work with a sense of value, urgency, joy, and work together in synergy. He also mentioned that God looks for availability and not ability. He will equip us and works with us to fulfill His Great Commission. Towards the responses, we were encouraged to contribute to the mission fund and prayers so as to be willing to take part in the international mission work.

Hope Games
We were separated into eight teams. We competed with each other through a series of 5 games that includes learning to be like Jesus, Mobilization, Rising Up, Bestowed Gifts and Who’s leading you. The highlight of the Hope Games was the Tug of War at the ending, where all the brothers and sisters involved practiced mobilization and unity.

Mobilization Night
A skit presented by the Youths demonstrated how the honey bees transformed from disunity and laziness to being united and hardworking. Thank God for the giftings of Sister Suki and her team, the show was creative and eye-catching.
Pastor Gavin challenged us to be like honey bees to work in unity to fulfill God’s work. He also challenged each care group to at least bring one non-believer to know Christ per month. Brothers and Sisters were mobilized to pledge. Responses include rising up to be shepherds and leaders. Before the evening ended, we took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of Ps. Gavin. We thank God for this wonderful pastor.

We had a total of 5 workshops during this camp: “Be a Director”, conducted by Bro Lai. Through viewing and discussion of TV dramas, preparing and presenting skits, brothers and sisters learned the basic principles of directing drama and understand more of God’s plan. In “The Next Generation”, Sister Purple shared that the method of taking care of the children church is to raise up God’s future generation. In the “Beauty of the AV”, Brother Allen shared the importance of using the audio/visual system in enhancing the power of Praise and Worship. In “Fit for life”, we learn from Sister Rosanna that what we took in was important in keeping our bodies healthy. In “Life for poor? Life for Rich?”, Brother Michael shared that one of the ways to biblically manage our finance is to be faithful in tithing. We should also have careful short-term and long-term planning. Thank God that all the workshops were practical and useful for us.

We thank God for all the teachings. They were encouraging, touching and humorous. We also give thanks for the wonderful weather, joyous Hope Games, powerful praise and worship, the mobilization night and the fellowship with brothers and sisters. Praise the Lord for the gifting and effort of the organizing committee. Let’s all be obedient and mobilized to fulfill His great commission wholeheartedly.

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