Christmas Celebration

December 21, 2008

It’s the most joyful time of the year again! With Christmas around the corner, over 400 brothers and sisters and friends gathered together to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus at Hope Centre in Tsuen Wan. It was a combined service with HK and Philipino Group. The day was a surely blessed one.

Before service began, Hope Centre was filled with a warm Christmas feeling through Christmas songs and decorations. After a short prayer, the opening started. It was a musical presentation organized by the Activity Team.With the supporting of brothers and sisters from all the SDs,it beautifully illustrated how the precious blood of Jesus Christ has delivered us from evil and granted us peace and joy. In the beginning, men were happy about the fruits of their own hands, however, when Satan came and took them away, they were devastated. But after Christ’s blood was shed, they found joy in Him and danced happily with the angels. Praise God!

Sister Rachel then led us into a joyful and powerful session of Praise and Worship for our Lord on this special occasion. Apart from worship songs, we sang joyful Christmas tunes and beautiful Christmas carols. The congregation sang their hearts out for the Lord.

After partaking communion, we enjoyed the pre-recorded video testimonies from three faithful sisters. Firstly, Sister Mona shared with us how God gave her peace and accompanied her during her battle with her health, when she faced death many times, especially when she had a major brain operation in 2006. Our God is truly a faithful God! Then Sister Karen from Youth shared how she grew in the Lord since she joined Hope Church last year. Within such a short period of time, she has already helped pioneer a care group in her secondary school and has already become a shepherd. Praise God for this young sister’s heart! Finally, Sister Susan from the International Family Group told us about the many blessings God gave her when she faithfully served Him through the years, in her health, her marriage, and her job seeking process in this deteriorating economy. Praise our Lord, as He knows all our needs even before we do!

As the theme of the Christmas Service is “So Far? So Great!”, Pastor Gavin then gave a sermon about “The Greatness of Jesus Christ”. Preaching from Isaiah 9:6, Pastor told us that our Lord is the wonderful counsellor, the mighty and powerful God, our everlasting father and our prince of peace. As He is so great and that He is always with us, we can rely on Him. Through Him who gives us grace, peace, and strength and wisdom, we can do anything. Indeed, all we need is the love from our Lord Father. Amen!

Praise the Lord, 16 new souls were touched by the Lord on this special occasion to receive Christ. It is truly the best Christmas present for them! Let us continue to pray for these new believers, that they will continue to experience the greatness of our Lord!

The congregation rejoiced by singing a series of Christmas songs to bring the service to a close. Everyone sang and danced with joy! Christmas is in the air! Praise our King!

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