Father’s Day

June 15, 2008

Brothers and sisters gathered in the Hope Centre this Sunday in celebrating a very special event Father’s Day. And the photo taking for fathers and their families made the event more memorable, thank God for the contribution of the Care Department.

The service started in a warm atmosphere and with a powerful praise and worship led by Brother Ray. Praise the Lord for the talent and giftings of the Praise and Worship Team.

After that, a group of cute and energetic kids from Sunday School sang songs to express their gratitude to the fathers. The venue was full of warmth and joy. Praise God that we are in the family of God.

The service continued with a presentation of gifts to each of the fathers. Then Brother Tony got on the stage with his wife and their 2 month-old daughter to give his testimony. He thanked God for giving their family a perfect plan. Although the attack of sickness gave to them sometimes, God protected them with His almighty power in healing Brother Tony’s wife and father. From these miraculous experiences, Brother Tony’s faith was largely enhanced. He stressed their determination in building a strong and biblical family to serve God fully.

Pastor Gavin then gave the sermon, which was from Proverbs 6:20-23 and was titled “A Father’s Wisdom is Worth Keeping”. God instituted everything and made them in good order. We needed these laws and orders to maintain our lives. Similarly, all of us needed guidance and advice. Our earthly fathers and mothers were obviously a good source of theses advice. We must obey our fathers’ commands and not to forsake our mothers’ teachings because they were like lamp and light for us. Pausing at this point, Pastor Gavin went to the piano, played and sang a song named “Thank You Dad”. The atmosphere was very touching that tears appeared in Pastor Gavin’s eyes. We were all touched. After singing the song, Pastor Gavin continued that according to Proverbs 22:15, we needed to be disciplined in order to produce the spiritual fruits.

In order to do that, we had to bind our fathers’ commands upon our hearts, i.e. we needed to keep them in every aspect of our lives. Moreover, we needed to “fasten them around our necks”, i.e. to digest and fully understand our fathers’ words.

If we could make it successfully, God would reward us with guidance in our lives. Moreover, even when we were weak, God would protect us and be our companion. Let us remember to love and obey our father always!

The service ended at noon with great joy and love, praise God for giving us such a wonderful time!

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