3rd Philipino Anniversary Celebration

March 22, 2009

Time flies fast indeed! It’s been 3 yrs. since the very first Filipino Service on 5 Feb. 2006. Through the years, God has been faithfully nurturing the Filipino Group to grow in number and develop a deeper relationship with our Creator!

“Close family ties” is one of the strong characteristics of the Filipinos, and being miles away from our loved ones takes a great deal of sacrifice and pain. So, to alleviate our homesickness and focus on the bright side of life, the DMM came up to a plan of organizing more Filipino-style activities and fellowships whereby we are all encouraged to take part and bring out our God-given talents in singing, dancing, cooking, sports, creativity and art. Glory to God, these activities have always been effectively drawing new visitors, which contribute to our quantitative growth.

22 March 2009 marked another milestone in the history of Hope HK Filipino Group when we celebrated our 3rd year Anniversary – Filipino Style! From the simple yet breath-taking decorations, flamboyant costumes, jolly cultural music and mouth-watering native snacks, the atmosphere were unmistakably “”Philippine Fiesta””. The vibrant emcees kept the program running smoothly with their flawless Tagalog; and the whole stretch of 4 hours had been so entertaining with encouraging Biblical Drama, graceful cultural dance, informative Tagalog poem recital, heroic solo song number, and fun-filled games that triggered so much laughter, filling everyone’s heart with joy and praises to the Lord for such a wonderful event.

The afternoon’s highlight was the contest for home-made native delicacies, with 4 TLC groups plus I.F. vying for the Best of the Best prize. Undoubtedly, the panel of Judges, armed with fork and spoon, had a sweet time sampling the creatively designed and well-presented delicacies. The spirit of joy surely overflowed upon us that the whole afternoon seemed too short. We’re aiming for more fruit this year in order to have more Brothers and Sisters to take part and double the celebration and fun next year.

On top of all the fun is our praises and thankful hearts to God for everything that He has been doing in our lives, individually and corporately, because “…apart from the VINE, we can do nothing.”

Special thanks to our dear Pastor for his Word of Encouragement & support, and Glory to God!

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