Father’s Day

June 21, 2009

Brothers and sisters gathered in the Hope Centre on this third Sunday of the month to celebrate a very special event honoring someone very important in our life our father. And, thanks to the contribution of the Care Department, the event became more memorable as fathers and their families posed together for photo taking.

The service started in warm atmosphere and with powerful praise and worship led by Sister Rachel. Praise the Lord for such an anointed team. After the offering, a slide show was presented showing well-chosen photos of fathers with their children. The presentation was warm and loving with a touching song as the background music. It reminded us that there are so many God-blessed families in this Hope of God family.

Another heart warming instant was when the chairman invited all fathers to stand while the congregation was clapping hands with big smiles to appreciate the efforts that they have given to their families. Pastor Gavin followed with a prayer for all fathers.

A powerful testimony followed, as Sister Joey from SD7 testified how God has been good to her family, especially her father. She shared that God had used her father’s recent sickness as a channel to improve their family relationship. Through that incident, they managed to see each other more often and her father also had the chance to rest more. Joey said it was also a wake up call for her as she realized people are very fragile and should rely on our powerful God. She also reminded us to look upon Jesus in difficult times and need not to be afraid of what is happening because God has assured us that he will never forsake us.

Pastor Gavin then gave the sermon, which was from Joshua 24:14-15 and was titled “A Godly Father”. Pastor shared that there are two things that a godly father should do firstly, he is the one who leads the family as well as the one providing the physical, mental and emotional needs in the family; he should lead the family to the Lord and make spiritual value the top priority in training the children. What is more, a godly father not only takes the responsibility to lead, he also does it with joy. Secondly, he needs to plan for his family. As the scripture goes, but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord, Pastor Gavin encouraged all the fathers to set an example to live a godly life and lead the family to serve the Lord. Let us remember to love and obey our father in heaven to serve the Lord with our household!

The service ended with great joy and love, praise God for giving us such a wonderful Father’s Day!

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