Youth Retreat Camp

December 24, 2009

Thank God for bringing our brothers and sisters of the Youth Group (SD3) to the annual Christmas retreat camp! In the afternoon of 24th December 2009, brothers and sisters gathered at the Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre for this important event.

The theme of the camp is “00:00”. It means a fresh start for the coming 2010. In the camp, brothers and sisters in the Youth Group attended lessons about how to prepare for this fresh start – how to start with having a positive attitude and to take proactive actions.

Besides the lessons, brothers and sisters engaged into delightful and meaningful mass games, which reminded brothers and sisters of the correct attitude in God and to know more about the fellow brothers and sisters.
The most memorable event of the camp was the interaction between shepherds and sheep. Shepherds humbled themselves by washing the feet of their sheep. Brothers and sisters were all touched by the atmosphere; hugs, tears and smiles filled the place.

Thanks to the Lord that brothers and sisters can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with one another, soaked in the warmth, joy and unity of the church. Praise the Lord for refreshing our hearts and reinforcing our faith!

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