18th Church Anniversary Cup

August 1, 2010

Praise the Lord for bringing our brothers and sisters to the Hope anniversary Basketball Cup 2010! In the afternoon on 1st August 2010, brothers and sisters gathered at the Tsuen King Circuit Indoor Recreation Centre to take part in this exciting event.

At around 2.30pm, Ps. Gavin led the congregation to pray and leave the event to the hands of the Lord. The competition was then kicked off by the match between the brothers in SD3 and SD5. The SD5 team scored the first 2 points for this year’s competition. And at the end, SD3 won the match with 17:10.

The second match was between the sisters from SD1 and SD4. Although the sisters might not be as familiar with basketball matches, it was apparent that they had done their best for their teams. SD1 won the match with a close record of 4:2.

Before the next match, brothers and sisters from SD1,2 and 3 demonstrated their cheering teams’ performance. Sisters from SD1 danced in full cheering team suits; they did an amazing human pyramid at the end of their performance. Brothers and sisters from SD2 pushed the atmosphere up with samba dancing, which was followed by hip-hop dancing performance of the young brothers and sisters from SD3.

After the cheering team performance, brothers from SD2 and SD3 resumed the competition. SD2 had a slight victory of 7:6.
Sisters from SD3 and SD5 then played against each other. After the exciting match, SD3 won with 16:7.

After that, brothers from SD2 and SD5 fought the last of the first round of boys’ matches. The victory was not determined until the last few seconds. Finally, SD5 won with 12:10. All 3 teams of brothers had the same record of victories in the first round! After calculating the relative scores, SD3 and SD2 entered into the final of the Hope Anniversary Basketball Cup.

Before the matches to determine the final ranking, brothers and sisters from SD4 and SD5 showed us their cheering performance, with the traditional Thai music and dancing from SD4 and rap music and dancing from SD5.

After that, sisters from SD4 and SD5 fought against each other for the 3rd place of the Girls’ Cup. The exciting match ended with SD4’s victory of 10:3. Sisters from SD4 got the second runner’s up for this year’s match, and SD5 got the third runner’s up.

Sisters from SD1 and SD3 entered into the final girls’ match to fight for the championship. It was a tight competition, and sisters from SD3 won the match with a close record of 4:2. SD3 was the championship for this year’s Girls’ Cup! SD1 came into the first runner’s up.

Finally, brothers from SD2 and SD3 played against each other in the final of this year’s Boys’ Cup. The match was very exciting. The difference in scores was so close that the victory could not be determined until the last few seconds of the match. Finally, SD3 seized the championship of this year’s Boys’ Cup with the 10:8 victory against SD2. SD2 was the first runner’s up and SD5 was the second runner’s up.

The prizes were then presented by Ps. Gavin. The team of judges then announced the winner of the cheering team performance, and the winner is SD3. Congratulations to the winning teams, and thank God for bringing us a vibrant and exciting day of competition full of love and warmth between brothers and sisters.

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