Youth Crusade

April 2, 2010

Praise the Lord for the miraculous and memorable crusade!  It was a blessed event as the first open-door crusade held by the Youth Group!

On 2nd April 2010, around 1 pm, after praying for God’s grace, the Youth Group brothers and sisters set off from the Hope Centre to move all the necessary equipments, e.g. audio-visual equipments, chairs, decorations, etc. to the venue of our crusade – the square of Fuk Loi Estate.

About 30 minutes before the event started, rain fell on the district.  Yet it was God’s mercy and power that when brothers and sisters persisted to continue the crusade by starting to praise and worship, the rain stopped and the sky opened up. Praise the Lord! The congregation was amazed.  Thank God for showing His power at the right time.

The crusade began with a dancing performance representing the grace of God, followed by our praise and worship session.  Sister Elaine and Mei shared with the congregation a number of powerful praise and worship pieces.  After that, sister Mei-sing testified for God in the square, in front of every person at the venue.  She shared that how her life was changed by God.  Before she fully commits herself to Christ, she was a pessimistic person with unsatisfactory performance and terrible family relationships.  When she realized the problem and decided to change, she asked God to take control of her life.  Her results improved from the last few of the class to the first fifteen.  Her relationship with her family also improved.  Praise the Lord for his wonderful grace upon Meishing and her family!

Sister Stephanie then shared a song that she composed for God.  As another life testimony for God, she shared with the congregation how this song was born.  In the midst of her desperate moments, the comfort of God fell upon at the right time and she was inspired by the Holy Spirit in composing the song in about an hour.  By the love of our God her heart was comforted, and filled with joy. The song reminded us that no matter how bad the situation is, God never forsakes us.  He will bless us with all we need, only if we believe and follow Him.

Sister Ivy then preached to the congregation, emphasizing on the desire to have our life be changed by the Lord.  She shared with us that from time to time, there would be emptiness and moments that we needed comfort.  For every desperate moment, God is always standing by us.  It is not difficult; we only need to accept Jesus Christ as the saviour.  She then sang a song that she composed for the crusade – I’m Possible.  She told us that, “We are not the one who is possible, but instead, with God, it is possible for us to change”.  She prayed with the people in need and encouraged the visitors, friends and the residents nearby to accept Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord that 8 people took the step to accept Christ!

Upon the end of the crusade and the finishing of the logistics work, rain fell gently again.  Once again, God demonstrated His timing and control.  Thank God for the wonderful grace upon the brothers and sisters!

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