19th Church Anniversary Cup

July 17, 2011

Praise the Lord! In celebrating the 19th Anniversary, we gathered at the Tsuen King Circuit Sports Centre in the afternoon of 17 July and had the 19th Anniversary Cup the Hope Basketball Match 2011.

Pastor Gavin Toh led the congregation for an opening prayer to lift the event up to the hands of our Heavenly Father, and prayed for the safety of and the friendship among the players.

Then it came the first match of the day SD3 vs SD5 (Men). Brothers and their team members strived for the best of their respective teams. The first round of the match was tight.

In the break between the first and the second round, the cheering team of SD1 came to the floor for the cheering performance. Sisters from the Filipino group pushed up the atmosphere with their vibrant dance.

After the break, brothers from SD3 won over the SD5 team with their fast moves and finally secured a 11:4 win.

Brothers and sisters from SD2 then came up for their cheering performance. It was a cheerful pom dance.

The next match was SD1 vs SD4 (Female). The sisters showed encouraging improvements in the way they played. Finally SD1 won with a record of 18:4.

During the mid-game break, Cheerleaders of SD3 showed to the congregation the energy of the youth group. The performance incorporated more difficult and cooperative dance moves and it was a powerful performance.

Brothers from SD3 and SD2 then gave the congregation a wonderful performance in their match. It was a very tight game and the brothers from SD2 secured a close win of 17:11.

Following the sisters from SD4 gave their cheering dancing performance of unified moves, Sisters from the SD2+5 team defeated the sisters from SD3 with a tight win of 5:4. Therefore, SD2+5 would fight against SD1 for the female cup, and SD3 would face SD4 for the second runner-up.

The cheering team of SD5 then gave a powerful performance in the midst of strong music. The advanced modern dance moves were very impressive.

Brothers from the SD2 team then defeated the SD5 team with a 20:6 win. SD5 became the second runner-up for this year’s male cup!

Then the congregation quieted down for the sisters’ finals. With their stronger teamwork, SD3 took the second runner-up with a win of 10:2 over the sisters from SD4.

It was followed by the final of the sisters’ match SD2+5 vs SD1 (Female). It was a tight game and the defences of the teams were so strong that the combined team of SD2+5 could only secure a slender win of 4:2. However, it was enough for them to take the female cup as the winner of the year!

The last game of the day brothers’ final, was between SD3 and SD2, the two teams performed with better previous results. SD3 was able to suppress the strong players of SD2 in the first half, which was an improvement compared to their first encounter of the day. However, SD2 reorganized their attacking strategies and finally took the cup with a 19:14 win!

Congratulations to the winning teams! Praise the Lord for giving us this opportunity to reinforce the relationships between brothers, sisters, families and friends within and among different SDs. Praise the Lord.

Here’s the results for the day:
Basketball Male
Winner SD2
1st runner-up SD3
2nd runner-up SD5

Basketball Female
Winner SD2+5
1st runner-up SD1
2nd runner-up SD3
3rd runner-up SD4

Cheering Team
Winner-SD 3

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