Hope Couples

August 28, 2011

Praise the Lord for a great time of fellowship among the couples. With the theme “Love, more love”, the Hope Couples 2011 was held successfully with 24 couples joining. Event started with a warm welcoming and followed with an exciting praise led by sister Angel and brother Wing. Games, led by sister Elaine and brother Wai Hong, started right after.

Games included the following: asking their spouse some questions about their habits or favorite food; pairing up to perform different style of dancing and feeding their spouse with fruit by just using one hand. All couples definitely got to know their spouse more after that!

Next section was video watching and group discussion, 4 video clips were shown and a question was asked and those who chose the same answer were grouped together as one group to share their views.

1st video clip was about a husband forgot his spouse’s birthday as he was too busy at work if your spouse forgot your birthday, will you forgive him/her?
2nd clip was about the husband was facing difficulties in work but he did not want to share with his wife if you are in same situation, will you tell your spouse?
3rd clip was about the husband had an affair with another woman will you forgive your spouse?
4th clip was about a wife was diagnosed with cancer, she wanted to give up will you agree with your spouse if he/she is in this situation?

After group discussions, Pastor Gavin also gave a brief sharing about situations that couples might face. He shared that firstly we needed to look at the trust between husband and wife. Secondly, communication between husband and wife was vital, and it was very important to have God’s presence between them. When came to the forth video clip, Pastor shared that when we talked about quality of life, it was not about getting sickness nor being healthy, it was about how we saw our lives, not just material life but our life to the very end. As spouse, how would we value the life of husband or wife?

Pastor Gavin continued to share that it made a lot of difference when there was presence of God. We all know human is very weak, even we got married we still do things wrong, but the good news is, when we are in presence of God, God changes our lives. How do husband and wife make sure to enjoy each other till the end of life? Both parties need to practice living with their spouse in areas of finance, children, moving house etcthese give spouses opportunity to learn to accommodate one another.

As husband and wife, we should do things that a spouse should do and have to learn to appreciate one another.

The whole event ended with a warm and tasty dinner fellowship before all headed back home. Thank God for the Hope Couple’s Day, it provided a chance for couples to know God’s way of couples, and the air was definitely filled with love through the whole event.

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