Easter Celebration

April 8, 2012

The whole church gathered together on Easter Sunday in remembrance of the “Life Giving” sacrifice of Jesus, and to celebrate His victory over death.

Following the opening, Brother Allen led us into a powerful and spirit-filled session of praise and worship. The first song “See His Love” powerfully reminded us of the atonement of Jesus and the price that was paid for our trespasses. As we worshipped the Lord, the Holy Spirit filled the place. Praise God for His love and grace.

In the pre-recorded testimonies, three faithful sisters from different sub-districts testified God’s goodness. Sister Pui Ki from SD3, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 19, shared how God strengthened her and led her through her illness. She learnt to humble herself and rely on God on her road to recovery. Then Sister Charity from SD1 told us how God delivered her from fear and insecurity as she sought and served Him faithfully. God miraculously healed her son from his epilepsy and heart problem, which also greatly lessened her financial burden. Praise God our Healer and Deliverer! Lastly, Sister Ivy Ip from SD2 shared how God moulded her character through ministry. God also gave Sister Ivy, a school teacher, the mission and burden to spread the gospel to children after she participated in the Medical Relief mission trips.

Afterwards, it was time for the Easter special performance. It was a drama illustrating what it really means by “”While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”” (Romans 5:8b). It was a moving moment to see how Jesus wept for the sinners in the drama, and how He was captured and nailed on to the cross in exchange for their freedom. Praise God, for Jesus rose again after three days, overcoming death and sin. The performance ended as the cast danced together in victory. Praise God also for our faithful and talented brothers and sisters!

Pastor Gavin’s sermon was on Romans 8:1-4, where Paul told us that in Jesus, there is no condemnation, as we have been freed from sin by the power of His “”life-giving Spirit””. Pastor Gavin explained that the Law of Moses is like a mirror showing us how sinful we are. Although it is the everlasting truth, the Law cannot save us from our sins. This is because no man is perfect and our flesh is weak, we can never keep the Law with our own strength. However, praise God, for He declared an end to sin’s control over us by giving Jesus as the atonement for all our sins. Pastor Gavin also led us into imagining how great the price paid by Jesus was, so that we could feel how great His love is. He has taken all the painful punishment we deserved on to His shoulders. By God’s grace, we can now live an abundant life free from the bondage of sins with power of the life-giving Spirit. Amen!

At the alter call, brothers and sisters responded to the great love of Jesus. Eight new souls were also touched by His love and came to Christ on this special day. Eternal life for them has begun the moment they received Jesus into their lives – Praise God!

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