Friends Day

November 10, 2013

Praise God for our annual Friends Day 信是友情!

Brothers and sisters were filling in the Hall as time draws near to the Sunday Service. Apart for the usual smile you can feel this extra sense of fulfilment in them,

God has been faithful building our brothers and sisters up in this family.

And at the alter call of this special Sunday Service, more than 40 brothers and sisters accepted Christ! Praise the Lord!

Then we took the coaches and set off for our picnic.

This year’s Friends’ Day was also held in the Tai Lam Country Park.  While brothers and sisters from the other groups were enjoying their time in the Sunday Service, brothers and sisters from the Youth Group went to the park in the morning to have some extra time for their joy.   It had been cloudy and rainy in the morning when the young brothers and sisters arrived at the park.  However, God’s providence is never too late.  His favour is on His beloved children.  When we finished settling down and gathered to play, the rain stopped, and never came back for the rest of the day.  Praise the Lord!

In the lunch hour, over 600 brothers, sisters and friends gathered at the park and shared the food that they prepared for one another.  Sandwiches, fruits, fish balls, pies, cakes, roasted chickens, curry chicken and even hot pots were all over the place.  It was like a feast in the city!

Then came the “Food Blessing Session”,

different sub-districts proceeded to bless one assigned SD with their tailor-made food.  They sang songs and danced to show their love to the brothers and sisters.

After the food blessings, brothers and sisters were divided in groups to play games designed by each SD.

Praise God that all participants enjoyed. The whole picnic area was filled with atmosphere of God love and joy.

At the end, brothers and sisters from SD1 (the Pilipino Group) won the final prize.  It was a wonderful experience.

Praise the Lord for the wonderful weather and atmosphere in the Friends’ Day!

Thank God for His everlasting kindness and covenant with us!

Till we meet again next year!

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