Worship Revival

September 21, 2013

It was a night of revival, healing and non-stop praise and worship!

That evening, our church were filled with brothers and sisters and the Worship Revival kicked off with a powerful praise and worship led by brother Allan. Everyone was singing their hearts out, desiring God’s touch and presence. Hands were raised, feet danced and eyes looked upon Jesus as each and every single word of praise came out of our mouth.

Just as all of us were totally immersed in His presence, we were brought into the story of David (who killed Goliath) through a musical. Through David’s episode of running away from Saul and seeking to use Goliath’s sword to protect himself, it reminded us how we forgot about God’s promise for us. How we tried to use our strength to face situation or problem. Of course, the victory was won and like what David did, all we have to do is to turn our eyes upon Jesus.

Sister Lorraine then presented the song that she wrote,  ‘I Believe ‘. Inspired by God she was reminded that His Word has the power to change and is a lamp upon our feet. We were again led into deep worship by bro Allan, consumed by the burning fire of God as we sang words that reflected our thirst for Him

Pastor Gavin took over and encouraged brothers and sisters to look upon Jesus, to look upon the cross, and to know that we are the beloved of God. He called for brothers and sisters to take the step of faith to receive healing from brokenness of relationships to all different kinds of sickness. It was a test of faith for those who went up. Praise God! Relationships were mended, health were restored.  Pastor Gavin encourage all to look upon the cross daily and to see how Jesus had bore our pain

And to believe that we all were healed by Jesus already! What a wonderful night of declaration and proclamation of His love and care. All of our spirits were refreshed!

Witnessing God’s victory again, the night went into a celebration Praise led by the Youth was full of energy and passion. We all jumped, we all shouted, and we all were cheered up and the celebration went on and on… Praise God again for this wonderful night!

We believe that we all are transformed and stronger in our Faith!

Praise God! We believe!

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