Easter Celebration

April 5, 2015

“No other Name!”

Praise God for salvation is found in no other name but the name of our Lord Jesus who died and rose again!

On 5 April 2015, the Filipino, Youth and the Hong Kong Groups joined together at Hope Centre to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

After the video opening, Brother Allen led the congregation to praise and worship our victorious King.  By lifting His name together in unity, brothers and sisters were touched and encouraged by His love.

Praise God for the video testimonies as well.  Sister Janice from Group 8 shared how God led her life since she joined Hope HK in 1997.   Praise the Lord for her faithful heart in all areas of her life, including tithe, work, and marriage.  God not only molded her character, He also blessed her abundantly and equipped her to serve in the Hearing God group.  Praise the Lord also for her new baby girl this year!  Sister Mandy from Group 5 shared how God led her through a difficult time, when her father was diagnosed with cancer while she faced many challenges at work.  Praise the Lord for He is our comfortor and healer, which enabled Mandy to face the circumstances with peace.  Lastly, Sister Precy from Group 1 testified how God’s grace is always sufficient.  Her daughter had a brain tumor, she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband suddenly passed away, even her house was destroyed by typhoon, but God brought her blessings out of these hard times.  Now her whole family is serving God together in unity.  Praise God for His love and grace!

The congregation was then presented with a very touching drama about a good teacher.  He encountered different people, and tried to use his own knowledge, reasoning and strength to help them out.  The problems they faced included financial burden, terminal illness, emotional disorders etc.  However, he could not help any one of them, and eventually he felt lost and distressed.  In the end, he was introduced to Jesus – the only name that can bring him salvation.

In the sermon on Acts 4:12, Pastor Gavin revealed from scriptures how salvation is only found in Jesus.  Men tend to think that money, power and doing good works is what we need in life, but in fact, salvation is already freely given to us by God, and the only thing we need in life is Jesus.   To illustrate this, Pastor Gavin showed an impactful video on what actually happened on the cross.  When Jesus was beaten and nailed on the cross, all the consequences of sin struck on Him, including all condemnation, curse, sickness and death.  Many of us were deeply touched.  Praise the Lord, for He has overcome sin and death and rose again.  We can now walk under His grace and have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ by simply believing in His finished work.

At the altar call, Pastor Gavin encouraged brothers and sisters to continue to trust in His Name and look upon the power of the cross instead of our own strengths and weaknesses.  He also encouraged our friends to receive the salvation bought by Jesus.  Praise the Lord!  A total of 14 souls received salvation on this wonderful day.

Praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ – for there is no other name!

Let us keep our eyes on Him as we continue to walk in His amazing grace!

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