24th Church Anniversary Celebration

Aug 21, 2016

After our 24th Anniversary Celebration Service, brothers and sisters put on their sparkly outfits and got ready for our Celebration Banquet at the Paramount Banquet Hall at Megabox, Kowloon Bay in the evening.

The dress code of the night was “Avenue of the Stars”. The banquet hall was lit up by each of our brothers and sisters, not only because of their sparkly outfits and flashing accessories, but also because we are all shining stars in the eyes of our Lord Jesus!

We started off with an exciting round of inter-table games involving high speed corn-eating and item-hunting. The pastoral team then led the congregation for a toast, and Pastor Gavin started the banquet with a prayer of blessing for our church and the food.

As we feasted together, brothers and sisters enjoyed fellowship with each other, taking countless photos in countless poses. The banquet hall was filled with joy and laughter.

After we reviewed what we experienced together as a church last year in the video recap, the church presented awards to recognise the contribution and effort of our dear brothers and sisters over the past year. Long-term membership awards were also presented to those who have been walking with us together as a church for 7, 10 , 15 and 20 years respectively. Praise the Lord for the willing hearts of our family members who each adds to the beauty of our church.

This year, we set a record together by having our 10 groups prepare a cake together as a family. This was done by having each group prepare a part of the cake with one of the characters in the phrase “24TH – I FIND” and combining the cakes together. Praise the Lord for the creativity of each group who expressed their love for the family of God through their parts of the cake.

The climax of the night came at the catwalk for the Best Dressed awards with all the cheering and clapping! The Best Dressed Brother Award went to Brother Thida who really looked like a movie star and walked with such poise as if he was walking down the red carpet ! The Best Dressed Award went to Sister Creamo, who in fact won the moment she stepped into the banquet hall that night dressed exactly like Marilyn Monroe, complete with the mole, and delightfully posed and took photos with her “fans”. The closest competition was for the Best Dressed Group award ! The beautiful Disney princes and princesses from Group 5 deservingly won, followed by the K-pop stars with flashing sunglasses and lovely princes and princesses from Group 6 ! Praise the Lord as we are all princes and princesses in His eyes.

We thank God for His love, grace, presence and guidance every step of the way over the past 24 years. Let us keep on walking together in His love and glory as one in Christ !

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