Year-end Prayer Meeting

Dec 31, 2016

With a thanksgiving heart, we came together as a family on this day to reflect and count our blessings, seeing how God’s grace had led us through all our challenges in 2016 victoriously.

The event started with a thanksgiving prayer, followed by high-spirited praise and worship. Pastor shared word of encouragement and affirmation of God’s presence through the year. We recapped on all the things that happened and how God led us through a fruitful year. There were over 13,000 salvation altogether in 2016 in Hong Kong, Philippines and the Hopeland. We shared our thanksgiving with each other. Pastor re-strengthened our mission spirit and prayed for conviction from our hearts to go make and build strong and biblical disciples and pioneer churches. We prayed as a caregroup for spiritual and life growth, for our leaders. We had our last communion for the year and offered our thanksgiving offering. Pastor recapped all events and themes of the year and prayed that the Word of God will take root in our hearts.

The highlights and focus for 2017 : church growth, life transformation, caregroup growth and church development are shared by pastor. Pray for God’s Will to be done in all our lives in 2017, for His leading and all to draw nearer to God

We counted down praise and worshiping God, saying farewell to 2016 and welcoming 2017. May God bless all of us with an abundant and fruitful 2017 in spirit and in health.

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