25th Church Anniversary Celebration

Aug 20, 2017

Praise the Lord for leading us towards our church’s Silver Jubilee Anniversary ! The theme of this year’s celebration was “I See”.

God has blessed us abundantly throughout the last 25 years, from building the church from scratch, to leading us to understand His Grace even more, and to expanding our ministry to other countries by doing Medical Relief and Mission Trips, and to expanding His Kingdom locally. God is truly an amazing God.

After the opening video, brother Jack greeted the congregation, and then brother Allen led the congregation to a powerful praise and worship session. It was wonderful to see that the praise and worship team has been striving to improve .

Then it came the video testimonies. Sister Gloria(G2) shared how she served Jesus by His grace. As she moved on in serving the Lord, she also received more from Him, especially that God has removed her dizziness and headache. Brother Chi Ho(G6) shared how God molded him in the ministry, and how God turned his negative thoughts to patience and perseverance. As brother Chi Ho chose to think from God’s perspective, his heart was changed by His Word, and now he hopes to serve with the love of Christ. Sister Michelle(G1) then shared how God miraculously led her to Him during the church’s Medical relief in 2010, and since then God removed her fear, and gave her strength to face challenges. Then God miraculously led her to Hong Kong and be employed by one of our couples in the church, and now she is serving God with her mum in the praise and worship ministry. Praise God for His wonderful promises !

After that it was the dance performance. It signified that our Lord Jesus Christ unveiled Himself to us, so as to bring us out of every sadness and challenge in our lives, and to cover us with His grace.

Ps. Gavin then shared the sermon on Psalm 27:4. He encouraged the congregation to remember this verse, by rehearsing an old praise and worship song on the words of this psalm, which is David’s proclamation of faith towards the Beloved God, and declaring his urge to stay in His Temple to see (and behold) the beauty of the Lord. Ps. Gavin encouraged the congregation to not just know that God is beautiful, but to desire and take action to seek his beauty day by day. Ps. Gavin closed the sermon by summarizing how God amazingly and faithfully led the church throughout the last 25 years.

In the end, four visitors accepted Christ in this memorable Sunday.
Praise the Lord for His leading and blessings throughout, and may God continue to bless His beloved people continuously.

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