Bible Conference

October 1-2, 2017

“I See”.
This year’s Bible conference started on 1 October and lasted for 2 days. The focus for this year was on the book of Job.
To make the conference be more interactive, Pastor Gavin introduced the congregation to an app where they could post questions in the midst of the conference. He also took time to address it whenever possible.
Laying the foundation for this BC, Pastor Gavin shared that Book of Job is one of the book of Wisdom in the bible. Even though Job suffered in the book but in the end he was restored and given double blessings of what he had before.He had a renewed relationship with God.

In Chapter 1 : I see His Purpose
Pastor Gavin emphasised on the nature of God. God is good all the time. He never changed the way,and He sees that we all are good. God creates ,loves, heals and delivers us. Job shuns from evil as he was afraid of God, he fails to see God’s love. God corrected us through instructing and directing us and it is our free choice to respond to Him. Having the close relationship will allow us to see His purpose.What Job is lack of is a close relationship with God. We need to see that God gives us things that we don’t even deserve

Then going onto chapter 2: I see it’s none of me.
Pastor Gavin brought in the equation: Rules without relationship brings rebellion, but rules with relationship brings respond. Job did everything religiously and started to be self-defensive when being challenged of all the disasters that happened to him and went into an argument with the Lord. He fails to see Grace in his life. Job was unlike Noah who walked closely with God, always being in the conversation with him. He encouraged us to see that challenges in our lives made us stronger and being humble brings us closer to Him as it takes away the self righteousness in us.

In chapter 3: I see it’s all about Him.
Pastor Gavin led the congregation to see Jesus ministry which is to reveal the Kingdom of God. When Job three friends failed to help , God appeared to Job. The friends are like the Pharisees focusing on the Law. When God finally spoke, He spoke of His greatness, opening the eyes of Job through the relationship that He had established. Job finally saw the grace and righteousness of God in His life. When we established ourselves in His righteousness we are shield in all areas.

In chapter 4: I see manifestation of His grace in us.
In the final lesson, Pastor Gavin showed us the blessings in our lives through Jesus Christ. God restored and double up His blessings upon Job. Now in Job’s house there were gentleness, anointing and manifestation of Him. Just like the tabernacle, we see God’s righteousness, redemption and we see How God sees us as His precious beloved children. We are all the Kings and priests That He had appointed. Everything is now different when we see His grace and Love.

Throughout the conference , Pastor spent time to answer the questions of the congregation humbly. It was encouraging to see brothers and sisters were so eager to know more of Christ.

Praise God for this wonderful conference and for Pastor Gavin who had served us with the Words of God revealing more of His grace through Job’s life.

Let’s keep seeing His Grace , love , peace and joy in our life.
By simply Believe and Receive !

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