Christmas Celebration

Dec 24, 2017

Merry Christmas !
The theme of this year’s Christmas Celebration is “He Reveals”.

The celebration started with a short opening PowerPoint, and then brother Allen and the Praise and Worship Team led the congregation to sing some joyful Christmas hymns.The theme song “We are the reason” reminded us that Jesus was born to save us all.

After that, an video was shown, in which three sisters shared their life-changing testimonies. First, Sister Candy testified that God has transformed her from a quiet and insecure person to a confident and patient teacher serving at Children Church. Through this ministry, God revealed her strengths and she would like to teach children with God’s love. Second, Sister Flordeliza shared that her relationship with her family was poor because her family had hurt her badly. However, after she accepted Christ, she became humble and forgiving and God led her to restore the broken relationship with her family. Now she is serving as a Care Group Leader in church and is planning to start a Youth Care Group in her hometown in the Philippines. Third, Sister Ally shared how God has helped her to grow in faith. She experienced disappointments when taking care of her sheep. But she has learnt to wait upon God and keep her sheep in prayers. Thank God that her sheep has become more consistent to go to church and even brought her mother to Christ. Sister Ally also has the direction to work together with her husband to lead CGs with God’s love and joy. Praise God for His great work upon His people.

Another highlight of this celebration was a skit adapted from the story of Prodigal Son in the Bible. It is a story about a father and his two sons. It shows an unconditional love of a father who is willing to forgive all the wrongdoings of his younger son, revealing the great love of our Heavenly Father.

Then Pastor Gavin preached on the Scripture 2 Timothy 1:10. The title of the sermon is “He Reveals”. The birth of Jesus Christ has revealed God’s saving grace. God’s will is to save us by His grace from sins, doubts, anger, fear, sickness and worries. Jesus also reveals eternal life to us through the gospel. He has abolished the physical death and broken the spiritual death. Thus, we can lead a life of victory by the power of the gospel of Christ. Amen !

Praise the Lord that 10 visitors accepted Christ in the altar call !

Let us continue to reveal God’s love to the world, and have all the victory, in Him !

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