26th Church Anniversary Banquet

August 19, 2018

Following the exciting celebration service, brothers and sisters went to the Panda Hotel for the annual celebration banquet.

Like previous years, we had a dress code so that brothers and sisters could exercise their creativity and have some fun together.  “Black and White”was the dress code of this year.  It was amazing to see how creative brothers and sisters could be with this simple theme – We saw a variety of wonderful costumes; not only did we have black and white suits and matching team t-shirts, but brothers and sisters also had wonderful ideas like graduation gowns, panda costumes, and even butchers of the wet market !

After the brain-exercising warm-up game of spotting differences in a big group photo, the Pastoral Team and the FGM came up to the stage to give a toast to start the dinner.

In the part of presentation, representatives of each group came up to the stage to present the respective groups’ photo .  Each group had their idea to illustrate what “I Follow” meant to them.

At the end of this part, all the group’s photos were presented to Pastor Gavin and Arlene as a gift.

During the break of the dinner, we enjoyed the video Recap which showed the events of the previous year. The joyful moments and the smiling faces reminded us of God’s love ,and the figures that we achieved in the various out-reaching events brought us the wonderful memory of God’s grace. It was amazing to count the blessings from our Lord and how He has led us in this year !

The church then presented various awards to appreciate the contribution of some brothers and sisters. Awards were presented to brothers and sisters who had been members of the church for 7, 10, 15 and 20 years.  An award was also presented to Group 7 for their growth in the year’s attendance rates in services and care groups.  Thanks God for all the wonderful brothers and sisters !

The night would not be complete without our cat walks. It included the brother, sister and the CG or Unit or Group. It was amazing that our brothers and sisters were so creative and it brought us a lot of joy. In the end, Brother Lai (in his tuxedo), Sister Purple (in her night gown) , Group 6 (in their butcher costume!) and Group 3 (in their graduation gown) won the best dress awards!

May the Lord continue to bless our church, and lead us to venture into the 27th year.

Let’s keep following Him!

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