Lunar New Year Celebration

February 18, 2018

Gong Hei to the year of blessings.

On this 3rd day of Lunar New Year, the church was filled with joy and blessings. Everyone greeted each other with smiles and words of blessing. The service started with prayers of blessings and followed with powerful Praise and Worship.

Sister Carol testified how God changed her life.She learned love and grace by following Jesus and had started taking part in evangelizing.

For the couplet competition this year, there were seven awards altogether, Champion was G2-TY1,Runner-up went to G3-SSP2,three 2nd Runner-ups by G2-Go,G2-TY3 and G7-Troja,two awards of Appreciation were G10 HC1 and G10 HC2.

Followed was the part of the “8 Groups blessing each other”. It was joyful and full of love when the eight Groups blessed each other with songs & words of blessings and gifts.We are so blessed to be members of this family of God.

Then Pastor started with a powerful prayer. He proclaimed that 2018 is a year of blessings. The message was from Psalm 128 and two points were shared: 1. Blessings flow when we fear the Lord. This fear refers to reverent fear, experiencing and seeing each and every daily blessing with “WOW !”. 2. Blessings flow when we follow His ways with “OK !”.

Thank God for His leading and love. And because of His love, it is so simple and easy for us to follow and be blessed.

Songs of LNY mood ended the service and then we had the birthday blessing, cutting cake and photo taking for our Pastor.

Happy Lunar New Year !

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