Bracelets Making 2019

November 10, 2019

On this day at about 2 pm, groups of people sat around the tables in the main hall threading bead after bead. There was about 40 people talking happily and some going around to take photos. The youngest in the group was about 5 years old and even our elderly members in church joined in the fun of making bracelets.

This was our bracelet making event held for the very first time in our church. We had been going to Philippines for Medical Relief for the past 9 years and we would like to create more opportunities for bros and sis to bless our Philippines friends even if they cannot join the Medical Relief. Within 4 hours, all the bracelets were completed.

We hope that the gift will bring them joy and love,and when they put the bracelets on, they will receive the blessings from our Lord.
It was always a joy to give !
Praise God for the wonderful afternoon !

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