Easter Celebration 2019

April 21, 2019

Happy Easter !

The theme of this year’s Easter Celebration is “He Redeems”.

To start the celebration, an opening video that demonstrates Jesus is the only one who can cleanse the sins of men was shown. Then sister Rosa and the Praise and Worship Team led the congregation into a powerful worship where brothers and sisters could experience the love and grace of Jesus.

After that, there was a video showing the life-changing testimonies of two sisters. First, sister Lala shared about God’s blessings upon her ministry and personal life. She has been leading the Design & Decoration Team. She thanked God for giving the team a great breakthrough in terms of ideas and enhancing the capability of brothers and sisters in the team. She also thanked God for blessing her relationship with her husband. Though there had been frequent quarrels at the beginning of the marriage, their relationship has become more intimate now. She also praised God for His salvation upon her nephew. Then sister Nesley shared about God’s blessings upon her life. Before she accepted Christ, her life was broken and aimless. Her relationships with her family and husband were bad. She came to work in Hong Kong in 2013, then she accepted Christ in Hope of God Church Hong Kong. Since then, she has been experiencing the love of God, helping her to get through the tough time working for her first employer. By trusting God, her faith was strengthened. She even went back to the Philippines to share the Gospel with her husband. Praise God her husband received Jesus as his savior and their relationship was restored. Sister Nesley is full of hope and joy now. She has also joined the DMM Team of FF4C to serve the Lord.

After the video, a group of brothers and sisters performed a skit. It is a story about how the love of Cheung’s family brings changes upon an abandoned child. Mr. and Mrs. Cheung adopt a rebellious boy, Pak Ho, from an orphanage. At first, Pak Ho does not get along well with this new family. He even pranks on his little sister, causing her to be sent to hospital because of food allergy. However, the love and forgiveness of the Cheungs melt Pak Ho’s heart, and finally he is touched by the love and patience of the family and thus starts a new life.

Then Pastor Gavin preached on the Scripture Ephesians 1:7. The title of the sermon is “He Redeems”. Redemption comes through Jesus’ blood. In the same way as the blood smeared on the door frames of the Israelites’ houses during the Passover saved Israelites’ firstborn, Jesus’ blood redeems us from bondage, hardship and slavery. The sacrifice of Jesus comes with the power of God to forgive sinners. As our debts are fully paid by Jesus, we are released from the punishment of our sins. With God’s saving grace, we are “slaves of righteousness” now.

Praise the Lord that four visitors accepted Christ in the altar call. Thank God for the wonderful celebration and all Jesus has done for us.

Let’s keep following Jesus !

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