Lunar New Year Celebration 2019

February 10, 2019

Praise God for the Lunar New Year !

We gathered together and celebrated the year of the Pig proclaiming a year of greater abundance of prosperity and grace.

As we entered the church, we saw a beautifully decorated board, which was done by all of the Groups in unity.  In front of it was a table set with ‘Pak Fuk’ candy box, which implied that we would enjoy sweetness through the year. We greeted each other with joyful spirits and love.  Today, our Youth congregation had combined service with us.

We started with prayers of blessings then, in high spirit, praised and worshipped God.  Sister Debby of G9 testified how God led her son all his life from kindergarten till university today and also how God opened the way for her to go for medical relief last year.  Pastor preached on Psalm 36:8, entitling “Year of abundant fullness”.  He stated 2 points: one is that He abundantly satisfies us with His fullness and the other is He gives us drink from the river of His pleasures.  Jesus is our fullness in life and He can be found in the house of the Lord, referring to the presence of Christ in us.  We have already been fully blessed and thus be satisfied in Christ and be drawn near to Him.  We simply believe and receive, and then we will be abundantly satisfied.

After the blessings and altar call, the air was filled with joyous songs.

Thank God for His abundance that upon all of us and our family !

Happy Lunar New Year !

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