Easter Celebration 2020

April 12,  2020

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Easter Celebration was broadcast live on the internet. The theme of this year’s Easter Celebration is “He Was Pierced”.

To start the celebration, an opening video showing the crucifixion of Jesus was shown. Then sister Rosa and the Praise and Worship Team led us to praise and worship God, reminding us of the love and grace of Jesus.

Then brother KT and sister Monica from Kindness Group shared a powerful testimony about how God saved them from a serious bus accident in a video. On that day, after attending a talk in Admiralty, they took a bus home. Brother KT was taking a nap on the bus ride. Before the crash, he suddenly woke up and held the handrail. Within seconds, the car crash happened. The window was broken and glass pieces pierced into KT’s face and neck and he was bleeding heavily. Monica was also bleeding in the forehead. They immediately prayed together for God’s protection upon everyone on the bus. Though KT has a phobia of blood, he was miraculously calm at that time. Then they were sent to hospital, but they really thanked God for His protection and blessings, saving them from this serious accident. Because of this accident, KT couldn’t join MR but he could still share the Gospel with a patient, Mr Lam, who was in the same ward with him. KT shared to him how God saved him and Monica and invited Mr Lam and his family to pray together. Praise God they all accepted Christ.

After that, there was a video showing a group of brothers and sisters performing sand painting.  A series of sand pictures showed what Jesus has done for us on the cross – how he was pierced and then resurrected. Thank Jesus for His great love for all people.

Then Pastor Gavin preached on the Scripture Isaiah 53:5. The title of the sermon is “He Was Pierced”. There are three terms mentioned in the Bible – “sin”, “iniquity” and “transgression”. “Sin” means “miss the mark”, that is, not following God’s standard. “Iniquity” means that our life has been twisted, our conscience has been distorted, and our lifestyle is wicked. “Transgression” means “rebellion” or “trespass”, leading to distrust and broken relationships between God and men and among people. However, Jesus’ death on the cross took away all sin, iniquity and transgression so that we can be reconciled to God and can become upright and have a sound mind, and be a faithful and loving person to God and others. Jesus was pierced in different areas. First, the Roman soldiers put a crown made of thorns on Jesus’ head. Thorns symbolize curses, that is, the things we are chasing after in the world. Jesus set our mind free from the bondage of this world. Jesus’ hands were pierced so that we are healed. Seeing His pierced feet, we are reminded to submit our lives to Jesus. When Jesus was pierced at the side, blood and water came out. God created Eve from taking a rib from Adam’s side. Thus, the pierce at Jesus’ side symbolized birth, the birth of church (the bride of Jesus) and the church is continuously cleansed by water that is the Word. Because of Jesus’ crucifixion, we are no longer slaves to sin and can live a life of hope and assurance.

Thank God for the wonderful celebration and let us be grateful for all Jesus has done for us.

Praise the Lord !

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