Mother’s Day 2021

May 9,  2021

Praise God for every blessing including mothers, who are chosen to bless the family and children. No matter what the circumstances, it cannot stop love from flowing. This is a very different Mother’s Day.

Although it is amid the pandemic, many brothers and sisters still came in early to grab the opportunity to take a beautiful photo at the well-decorated photo corner before the service started. This year, we had made another photo corner for brothers and sisters to take selfies while they were waiting in the queue. We had also added some riddles for them to guess.

Pastor Gavin started with a morning prayer time, continuing to share on the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9), focusing on the word ‘heavens’. Our Lord reigns in the highest of heavens, which is pictured in an image. Our Father, who is in Heavens, is always with us; He is so close to us. Pastor Gavin ended this session with prayers for the sick and mothers.

Brother Jack, our Chairman welcomed everyone with words of blessings and also encouraged all to welcome each other.  Sister Rosa and the team brought us all into praising and worshipping our God.

Sisters Ling and Grace testified on how they and their family came to accept Christ. First, sister Ling accepted Christ, then sister Grace. They gradually understood God’s love more and also the love of their mother. God has been with them through thick and thin. Thank God that their mother finally accepted Christ too. They encouraged us with 1 John 4:10.

Following was a skit about a mother’s love for her family. The story demonstrates the love of the mother for their children, no matter when they were children or adults. During a difficult financial moment, even though the mother has not been working for a long time, she decides to get a job to support the family and makes every effort to please her children.

After that, all mothers were invited to the stage for photo taking and prayers. Mothers received a mask and an eco-bag as gifts. Pastor Gavin then prayed for them.

Pastor Arlene preached on ‘God did what He had spoken’ from Genesis 21:1-6. God has promised that He will be with us and lead us through all situations. However, we must learn to trust and wait upon Him. It is by God’s grace and not by our works. As we experience His complete blessings, we spread the Gospel so that all can also receive the same blessings.  Then Pastor Arlene ended the service with prayers and blessings.

Happy Mother’s Day !

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