Lunar New Year Sunday Service

January 22, 2023

Happy Lunar New Year!

Brothers and sisters gathered together to greet and bless each other, and the church was filled with joy on this first day of Lunar New Year !

In the “Refreshing Moment”, Pastor Gavin firstly shared the vision given by God in 2021, it was that the rain of abundance would come to this land and our Church in 2023, as mentioned in 1 King 18:1. God has built up us to have a stronger faith in Him in these three years. Brothers and sisters altogether participated in building up our church in a new place in 2022 and we will move there in 2023. God will pour all His spirit and blessings to all of us and our offsprings as mentioned in Isaiah 44:3-4!

“Receive New Home, Celebrate Year of Abundance” was the theme of this LNY. Sister Elaine led the praise and worship team to sing several songs of blessing from God to all of us. Then, in the recorded video, sister Kat testified that God had blessed her to celebrate LNY with God’s brothers and sisters in HK during the pandemic in the last two years and with her family in Singapore this year. She thanked God that no matter where, in what circumstances, God always looked upon her and gave her strength and wisdom to overcome the challenges. She ended the testimony with the Bible verse “if God is for us, who can be against us?” from Roman 8:31 to encourage us!

A special performance by Hope kids was the highlight in this special Sunday service. Two of the Hope kids performed a Chinese lion and dragon dance on the stage and interacted with brothers and sisters. It brought out the message of the LNY and the moving to a new direction.

Pastor Arlene shared the preaching titled “Welcome my King of Triumphant” from Psalm 24:1-10. She reminded us to let our King, Jesus Christ, not only enter into our house, but also our heart! Because no matter how good or bad happens in the world, when we have our Almighty God Jesus Christ in our heart, we can have faith to overcome as God is always by our side.  She cheered us up with the slogan “Embark on this Life Adventure Together, Sow with Firm Faith as we Prepare” and encouraged us to walk in the path of Jesus Christ together!

Thank God for all of His blessings. Happy Lunar New Year !

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