Christmas Service

Dec 25, 2016

Happy birthday Jesus !

After celebration gatherings and carolling sessions the night before, we gathered at the Hope Centre to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

The theme of this year was “He Saves”, reminding us that God’s will is always to save His beloved people , and to give us abundance life .

Our Lord is worthy to be praised,and we sang praises to the Lord, and worshipped Him at the start of the service.

It was followed by the video testimonies .

Sister Carol (G3) shared how God blessed her in her Christian life by shaping her character, and how her relationships with her colleagues changed after continual prayers. Sister Stephanie (G7) shared how God reassured her that He is the Loving God that we need not rely on ourselves, but only to trust in Him, even in the midst of depressing moments in our lives. Sister Precy (G1) shared the goodness of God in terms of all the difficulties that she and her family had gone through, and also her personal experience in the Lord’s healing power. His grace is truly sufficient.

The Filipino group then did a dance performance illustrating how God raised His beloved people from sins and the bondage ,and bringing the abundance in His presence. It was wonderful to see how God defeated the enemy !

After that, Pastor Gavin shared the sermon based on Matthew 1:21. Pastor shared that the Father sent His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to the earth to die on the cross and defeat the enemy, with the clear objective to reconcile the world with Him. Hence, those who believed in Him will be truly saved. Pastor Gavin also shared that the very reason that God saved us is that we could once again dwell in His presence with no barriers at all, which would be manifested even on earth, with unspeakable joy and peace, and all kinds of abundance that one could experience.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful blessings. We praise the Lord that 17 accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour during the altar call.

Praise the Lord ! Merry Christmas !

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