Friend’s Day

Nov 13, 2016
It was a record breaking Friends Day for us this year.

The first time we had an outdoor Sunday service and also an overwhelming response of 600 over people taking part in it.

The anticipation for this day had been going on for quite a while in the church. Friends, family streamed steadily into Siu Lam BBQ site, the new venue for Friends Day. Everyone settled quickly for the start of the Sunday service. The praise and worship was so amazingly powerful and joyful. God’s presence fill the heart of every worshippers.

Sister Jojo shared her testimony of how God has been providing for her and her family, bringing peace and joy into each and everyone of their hearts. The faithfulness of God is so evident in her life. Pastor Gavin also shared Psalm 111:9 NKJV He has sent redemption to His people; He has commanded His covenant forever: Holy and awesome is His name. God is a faithful God who had never taken a break from His covenant. He used the example about the universe : Jupiter and earth to reflect the love of God for His beloved children. His plans were perfect and for some it was beyond our comprehension. Jesus is always a wonderful friend to us and Pastor Gavin encouraged the congregation to come forward to receive this relationship, casting all our fears and troubles to Him. Many brothers and sister responded to this alter call. Praise God we witnessed the salvations of our pre-believer friends too.

After wonderful sharing, we proceeded to have the group photo taken and started the barbecue. It was such a happy and relaxing afternoon, and the smell of delicious food soon filled the air. Apart from the food at the site, many people prepared their own dessert and fruits. After we had filled our stomach, the games session kicked off. There was a variety of games which included individual and group effort. The games planned by the activity team includes bingo, water drinking completion and scavenger hunt. It was so enjoyable and everyone took part in a way or another.

Thank God for this wonderful day. A meaningful Sunday of blessings where we not only focused on the friendship of God but sure that friendship with our love ones.   God bless and see you all next year!

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