Young Hope Couples Gathering

Praise the Lord for the Young Hope Couples Gathering !

Water Baptism I

In this afternoon of Easter, 30 brothers and sisters decided to be baptized in His name.  

Easter Celebration

Happy Easter !

Annual Church Camp

“Life – Put on Love !”

Lunar New Year Celebration

Gong Hei to the year of blessings.

Year End Prayer Meeting

Hallelujah. 2017 has come to an end. It was a year of abundant blessing.

Christmas Celebration

Let us continue to reveal God’s love to the world, and have all the victory, in Him !

Membership Accreditation II

Praise God for the new members added to our Hope family.

Friends Day

It was time of the year for our Friends Day. Brothers and sisters together with their family and friends streamed into the Tai Lam BBQ site.

Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is where parents dedicate their children to the Lord to take care of the gift that God gave to them.