Ring The Bell Pray For HK

To care for our city and our church, we took the action of “Ring the Bell Pray for HK”.

27th Church Anniversary Celebration

Happy 27th Anniversary to Hope of God Church Hong Kong !

Father’s Day 2019

Praise the Lord ! How great is the day God has made!
It is a day God blessed our earthly father and his children.

Mother’s Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day ! On this special day, many mothers were invited and the church was full of joyful greetings.

Water Baptism I

Praise God for His presence. The weather was awesome. 
28 brothers and sisters proclaimed their faith in Christ publicly and were baptized on this wonderful day. And more than 100 brothers and sisters joined the event.

Easter Celebration

Happy Easter !
The theme of this year’s Easter Celebration is “He Redeems”.

Hope Kidz Opening

Glory be to God ! All children were very excited about our New Children Church – Hope Kidz. 

Annual Church Camp 2019

It was time again for our annual blood donation drive, a collaboration with the Red Cross.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Praise God for the Lunar New Year !
We gathered together and celebrated the year of the Pig proclaiming a year of greater abundance of prosperity and grace.

Youth 13th Anniversary

Praise the Lord for the Youth 13th Anniversary Celebration !