Medical Relief II

December 1, 2015

Praise the Lord !

In this wonderful mission trip , we had more than 10000 souls saved !

Ever since we started our Medical Relief, Pastor Gavin began to have a vision of reaching out to the younger generation there to give them a right standing in God. He believed that their life would be a blessing to their country. It was amazing to see how God open one door after another for our Church in reaching out to the people in Philippines when we start to walk in His will as a body of Christ !

This time we embarked onto Clarke again.

It was the 12th time of our Medical Relief, and our passion and faith continued to grow like the tent of God extending to different corners of Philippines. Over 90 brothers and sisters joined this MR.Together with the local brothers and sisters, we witnessed His faithfulness in unity. This time we got full support from the Municipal Mayor of Mexico and the Dalandanan Barangay council !

Thank God for His favor upon us!

Our schedule was packed with 4 Medical Relief venues and Health talks in elementary and high schools but we had geared up ourselves to share the love of Christ ! The more we proclaim the more we receive in His name ! Let us count the blessings of the Lord in this Medical Relief and Health talk sessions.

Day 1 – 2288 salvations

Day 2 – 3175 salvations

Day 3 – 3948 salvations

Day 4 – 420 salvations

Over the span of 4 days we have a total of 9833 salvations! Praise God!

Our biggest reward was to see brothers and sisters working in unity and facing the odds with faith. Throughout the trip some hiccups happened to distract us  but in the midst of all these, many experienced personal breakthroughs and couldn’t stop talking about the blessings they experienced. Now as we believe more firmly that transgression in our life was to build us up in Him, we had gained a more positive outlook of “problems in life”.

This time we have 4 Sunday services held at the different venues, with Pastor Gavin, Sis Janelle, Sis Daryhll and Sis Katherine leading the 4 teams. Each team shared the message of God standing by us. That we had all come this far and God opening the Red sea is equivalent to God opening up Philippines for us to enter and harvest. Let us walk on as a body of Christ and continue to trust in Him, Stand still and see His works in our lives. Do not be afraid! Exodus 14:14 “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Let us continue to proclaim His victory as we stand firmly !

With our last Health Talk by our team who stayed behind for one more day, the Dec 2015 Medical Relief was successfully completed with over 10000 salvations!

Praise God that these sheep had returned to their God!

Let us continue to strengthen ourselves with His Words and grace,

and be prepared for our next MR in 2016 !

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