Friend’s Day

November 8, 2015

Praise the Lord for the wonderful weather !

A total of 610 brothers ,sisters and friends gathered at the Tai Lam Country Park for the yearly gathering.

The event would not be complete without the wonderful food brothers and sisters prepared.

Different Groups brought up not just snacks, but also surprisingly pleasant homemade dishes like pasta, sandwich, hotpot, Cantonese dishes, and of course, our gourmet Thai food prepared by our wonderful Thai group !

Thank God for our big family !

After a few rounds of fun games, the MC gathered everyone.

We formed a big circle and passed gigantic balloons in the colors red, blue and purple around. The balloons represented Jesus’ characteristics and symbolised that we would continue to pass on the joyful spirit of following Jesus.

Praise God for the day, and for the blessing that we have the wonderful family of unity and love!

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