Bible Quiz I

June 8, 2003

Our first Bible Quiz was held in the afternoon of June 8, 2003. Seven groups (Group 1 to Group 7) participated.

The Quiz, started at 2 pm sharp, was divided into 2 sessions. All the seven groups took part in Session 1 which included filling in the blanks, matching and completing Bible verses. Praise the Lord that many were well equipped with the Word of God. The scores of various groups were rather close. Among all, G3, G4 and G5 gained the highest scores and proceeded to Session 2.

Session 2 comprised of 3 parts. Each group had to send out 3 different representatives to compete in each part. Sixty-seventy pairs of eyes all focused on the representatives.

‘What are the names of the 12 tribes of Israel?’
‘List the 10 Commandments.’
‘Why did Jesus ask Peter whether he loved him three times?’

These are some of the questions. You can tell that these are not chicken-feed questions any more. Eyes of the audience sparkled when the representatives gave perfect answers in many occasions. Excitement was mounting among the representative and on the floor. We were also entertained by the nervous reaction and funny faces of some of the representatives from time to time. When Purple asked, ‘How many days did God use to create the world?’, the floor burst into laughter when the impulsive answer of ‘7 days’ was uttered by the representative. God used 6 days to create the World and the 7th day for rest. I am sure the representative knew that, but you can see what havoc nervousness can do!

At the end, Group 5, the Praise and Worship Group, won the championship (no wonder Pastor Gavin always teaches us praise and worship bring us victory!). Group 4 came in second and Group 3, third.

Our first Bible Quiz ended in a joyful and uplifted spirit. The next Bible Quiz will be held in December. Let us be diligent in the Word of God and get prepared for it, not only for winning but, most importantly, to better equip ourselves!

‘Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.’ (Eph 6:11)

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