Father’s Day

June 15, 2003

On June 15, we gathered and celebrated Father’s Day at the Sunday Service.

Brother Tony of Group 4 delivered the testimony with his wife, Mona, by his side. Tony grew up in a family with his father being the sole breadwinner. His father had to work long hours and left with little time to communicate with the kids. His father still had to continue working when Tony and his siblings grew up One of the main reasons was that Tony and his brother went into business and financially they could not fully support their parents yet.

Tony could see how his father sacrificed for the family even at old age. He began to apprehend the important role and responsibilities of a father more as he and Mona were expecting a child in a few months time. In the past he felt that life was tough. People got themselves so busy from young to old age, and might not really see the meaning of life. This was changed for Tony when he found God, who gave him the true meaning of life. He hoped that his father could find this, too.

Brother Tony ended his testimony with Joshua 24:15, ‘As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.’

Sister Purple preached the sermon, ‘The Focus of the Father’. She illustrated the sermon through the role model of Isaac from Genesis 26:23-25. Isaac set a biblical example for us to follow on how to behave as the head of the household. First, Isaac honored the Lord by building the altar above all else. Second, he honored the family by pitching a tent. Finally, he dug a well. To apply to our lives, as the earthly fathers, we were called to honor our Lord above all else, providing a biblical example for the rest of the household to follow. Career or earthly possessions should not be the main focus. Even though fathers were responsible to provide for the household, we should trust the Lord for it. God would bless accordingly when we set our priorities right in the eyes of the Lord.

At the end, the Activity Team brought the gifts to all our dear fathers at the service. The Father’s Day Sunday Service ended in a touching spirit.

Let us learn from Isaac to honor our Lord above all else.

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