Church Picnic

November 16, 2003

Enjoying the beautiful weather, sharing the tasty food prepared by our brothers and sisters, and designing special kites of our own groups are all lovely memories of our Hope Family Picnic on November 16.

After the Sunday Service, about 300 brothers, sisters and friends rode on five coaches and headed for Tai Au Mun to have our church picnic. We brought along packs and boxes of food with us. Having arrived at the site, the first thing we did was to find a place to have lunch. Because of the good weather, the site was crowded with picnickers, so some of us had to settle on slopes. However, it did not spoil our mood to enjoy the fellowship. We were very excited as we unwrapped the packages. We shared our food together, even with different groups.

After lunch came the main event of our picnic day – “Reaching Higher”, a kite-making and flying competition. Each group was given a set of materials to help  design a kite. We had to finish it within 30 minutes. Brothers and sisters made the kites together – some offered ideas while others did the cutting and drawing. The kites were really well-designed, with different features and special meanings behind. After a simple presentation, the most exiting moment came, that is, we started to fly the kites. Do you think the kites were able to be flown off? The answer is – Yes!

The event ended with awards presented to the groups named “The Best Effort”, “The Best Theme-related Design”, “The First to Complete” and “The First to Fly Off”.

Praise God for such a wonderful event!

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