Annual Chuch Camp

September 24, 2004


The theme of our annual retreat camp is “A Mission-driven Church”. The speakers were Pastor PN and Pastor Somthob and there were more than 200 brothers and sisters who joined the full time and part time camp.

Through the eight lessons,” Mission Possible”, the wedding,” Cross Group Fun Fun Fun”, Mission Night, powerful praise & worship, prayers and sharings, we have all been renewed and filled by a mission-driven spirit.

(1) The Teaching

We learnt eight invaluable lessons on the principle of biblical mission, significance of God’s mission, passion for mission, characteristics of mission-driven people, characteristics of mission-driven church, skills for effective mission, advantages of a mission-driven church and disadvantages for the workers of God’s mission. We were acknowledged and strengthened by the Word of God through all these lessons. Pastor PN and Pastor Somthob also taught us the above lessons with lots of love and encouragement. We should remember that Pastor Somthob has said that we need to welcome persecutions and take it joyfully as taking desserts when doing God’s mission work. Pastor PN strongly assured us that “”Don’t worry! Fruit is on the way! Mission is on the way!”” It greatly encourages brothers and sisters to commit our life for Christ in order to fulfill His great mission.

(2)””Mission Possible””

We were divided into eight groups and each group was required to create its own name and slogan. They also needed to go through six checkpoints to achieve the mission. Under the strong sunshine, we all tried our best to fulfill each requirement. Also, our faith, team spirit and patience were strengthened by the game. The champion was “Mission Warriors” which was led by Sister Purple. She shared that each and every one of us could fulfill the mission work. The first runner-up went to “”1M1J2015″” and the second runner-up went to “Mission No.1”.

(3)Sunday Service

There were more than 300 brothers and sisters who attended the Sunday Service in the camp. After the powerful praise and worship session, Sister Suki of Group 3 testified how she gained faith and courage in the mission trip to Taiwan recently and she had strong desire to do more in the mission work. Pastor PN preached on “Be A Blessed Group” from Psalm 84: 4-12. There are four main points under this topic. As and when we obey and depend on God wholeheartedly and serve him faithfully, we all will be Blessed, Empowered, Protected and Promoted by Him.

(4)The Wedding

The wedding of Brother Man Wai and Sister Aki was organized by our church and held in the camp. The new couple was surrounded by blessings and love from friends, relatives and the whole church.

(5)”Cross Group Fun Fun Fun”

Games were designed to enhance our unity, co-operations, organizations, and communication skills. They also enabled us to relax and build up friendship among brothers and sisters from different groups and it was also filled with laughter and joy.

(6)Mission Night

With a well-prepared PowerPoint, Sister Ivy shared with us the information and our mission work in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, the North America and Latin America. Questions were asked and answered to show our understanding of the various places all over the world. The gifting of handling languages of different countries was tested by learning the different languages instantly. A video produced by Hope Bangkok told us that language barrier could be overcome by faith and determination. At the end of the night, we all pledge to do the mission work and flags were put to indicate the places we wanted to plant churches.


After the last lesson, brothers and sisters from different groups and overseas shared what area they had been blessed and touched through this camp. They all thanked God for His faithfulness and love, and they should respond to His calling by serving Him wholeheartedly. Pastor Gavin thanked Pastor PN and Pastor Somthob for their teachings and encouragements and the organizing committee for their gifting and efforts. He also prayed for the anointing to fulfill His great commission. Let us follow Him closely and work together in unity to build strong and biblical people and plant strong and biblical churches in Hong Kong, in China and all over the world.

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