12th Church Anniversary Banquet

August 15, 2004

Celebration dinner was held at The Orchid Room in Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, and was attended by 320 guests and members.

After welcoming families and friends, the banquet commenced with a cultural dance by our Filipino sisters from International Fellowship, followed by ice-breaking games.  Subsequent to a toast from our Senior Pastor, Pastor and Unit Leaders, dinner commenced after thanks-giving prayer for the sumptuous food.

Certificates were presented to new memberships followed by The Root Poster Award presentation. In recognition of the extravagant effort of our brothers and sisters in fulfilling the great commission, Best of the Best Awards were given to 7-10 years members, Best Supportive Roles in various departments, best Assistant Care-group Leaders, Best Care-group Leaders and Best Growing Group. The dinner banquet was filled with joy and love and we must thank our devoted brothers and sisters for their willingness to serve our Lord and for arranging such a wonderful gathering. Prasie the Lord and we look forward to achieving more in the coming year.

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