Bible Quiz II

May 30, 2004

As Christians, we believe that The Bible is the Word of God, and every word of the Old and New Testaments was God’s inspiration. In order to foster the interest in the Word of God, we have organized Bible Quiz II on 30 May 2004. Pastor Gavin and Sister Purple encouraged all our members to study the Word of God and drawing their attention to the principles of God’s teaching.

;”>In this quiz, we concentrated on the books of Psalms to Malachi in the Old Testament and 1 Thessalonians to Revelation in the New Testament. The quiz was conducted in five parts: 1. matching; 2. multiple choice; 3. fill in the blanks; 4. buzzer questions and; 5. mandatory questions.

;”>As the quiz proceed, Group 5 took the lead with 38 correct answers to the 40 matching questions in part 1 and continued to head the competition with correct answers to all 40 multiple choices in part 2. Six groups scored full marks in part 3 – fill in the blanks. Group 3 won this session with 3,000 points as they have nominated an “Ace” card, prior the quiz to gain an additional 1,000 points if they should top this part. Group 6’s score was the highest in part 4, with 500 points whilst some other teams resulted in negative scoring. The quiz intensified to a climax with part 5, each group was to provide answers to four compulsory questions; 400 points were awarded to each correct answer but deduction of 200 points to each incorrect answer.

;”>Congratulations to Group 5 in winning the championship in succession with Group 3 as the first runner-up and Group 4 as second runner-up.The quiz ended in a joyful and uplifted spirit as Pastor Gavin presented the prizes.Certainly after these two rounds of Bible Quiz, no member of Hope of God Church would associate bible study to be dreary and boring as everyone had discovered fun and desire in equipping ourselves with the Word of God.

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