Father’s Day

June 20, 2004

What did you do on Father’s Day? Shopped around for a suitable present? Treated your father to a nice meal in the best restaurant in town? Or did you share the love of the Lord with your father?

On 20th June, we celebrated Father’s Day with a host of warm and heart-felt program in our Sunday Service. The highlight of the service was a song presented by an ingenious group of King Singers consisting of Brother Eric, Brother Tony and Brother Tung Tung. It was a rather new combination, but inevitably won the applause from all in the congregation. The name of the song “Father” was simple, but the lyrics have conveyed a meaningful message of love, mercy, grace and security – freely given to us by our Father in heaven.

Brother Vicky gave a touching testimony on how God has changed his character and the impact it has on his relationship with his family. He shared with us how communication within his family, particularly between his elder brother and his father, has improved when he started to learn to see things through God’s perspectives and with God’s compassionate love. Because of God’s love for all His creations, Vicky testified that His protection has always been with his father, who has been suffering from a disease in the past 17 years.

Father’s Day is a day for expressing our appreciation and love to our father – a present and a prayer for our father should say it all. While gifts were handed out to all the fathers at the service, Pastor Gavin also prayed for their health, wisdom in bringing up their children and abundant blessings from our Lord.

The prayer also brought out the sermon message “”What do Great Dads Do””, which was taken from Proverbs 3:1-10. While God first created Adam, and later Eve as a supporter to her husband, we know that fathers should play a leading role and a forefront example in a biblical family. As we learned from the example of King Solomon, biblical fathers should know also impart a right heart and a right value system to their children, as well as to inspire them to honor God with all they have.

We thank the Lord for giving us our earthly fathers. On Father’s Day, we must also thank the Lord for being our Father in heaven.

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