Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2004

This year, our Valentine’s Day Service was held on 15 February in Hope Centre. For those who attended the service, they would feel the “sweetness” of our service as they were each given a pack of chocolates.

The service started with the usual welcoming and prayers. The praise and worship session was filled with joy and love to celebrate this special day as we share the love from our Lord. Led by Brother Allen, the praise and worship team invited the Holy Spirit to be among us. A Cantonese love song was led by Sister Janet to glorify our Lord.

It was followed by two video taped testimonies shown to us on screen. Sister Purple and Brother Allan told us how they met each other and the blessings the received from the Lord in their marriage. We learned that true love is so powerful and requires complete commitment. Sister Elaine and Sister Pik Sai also gave their testimony on how God’s love had enabled them to trust each other and to serve the Lord in harmony.

Pastor Gavin’s sermon topic was “Where Can We Find True Love?” The essence of true love is complete commitment which is powerful and priceless. Love is as strong as death; it cannot be killed by time or disaster and it cannot be bought with money because it is to be freely given. Since we have to understand that true love is a gift from God, we have to humbly receive it and treasure it.

After the sermon, Pastor Gavin invited newcomers to grab the opportunity to accept God as their personal savior. Praise the Lord that five brothers and sisters accepted Christ on this special day.

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