Water Baptism III

October 16, 2005

Praise the Lord that 21 brothers and sisters took the step of faith to dedicate their life to God through water-baptism. There were no fewer than 70 brothers and sisters gathered at Repulse Bay to witness and support this precious moment.

After a short prayer by brother Lai and translated by sister Ivy, brother Ray led the congregation to praise and worship our Lord. Pastor Gavin explained to the 21 brothers and sisters the meaning of water baptism. According to the Bible, every Christian had to be baptized as this was one of Jesus’ commandments. In water baptism, a person submerged the whole body under water. When he re-emerges, it symbolizes the beginning of a new life.

Sister Oradee from Group 8 testified how God blessed her family and job. Before sister Oradee came to work in Hong Kong, she took up Cantonese lessons for two months in Thailand. In the meantime, she was facing family problem with a alcoholic husband. A friend of Oradee’s sister invited her to the Sunday service in Hope of God church in Bangkok. After she started her job in Hong Kong, she found it hard to communicate with her employer because of her limited Cantonese. In addition, her teenage son was having problem with his friends. Sister Oradee prayed to God that she would have the wisdom to learn Cantonese and divine protection for her son. God faithfully answered her prayer by providing her with a good employer. Sister Oradee decided to continue to serve God with the Thai brothers and sisters in Hope of God church in Hong Kong.

Another testimony was given by brother Franco from Group 2, who shared the lives of his three friends. Brother Franco asked one of his female friend; “What’s your value in your life?” She answered that having a good life was to have good meals and enjoy shopping everyday. And the second female friend Brother Franco asked with the same question. She told him that the value of life was to have jewelry and all luxury brands goods. When Brother Franco asked the same question to one of his male friend, he answered that he lived because he loves all God creations. He wanted to give hope, peace and joy to those who believes in Him. He is willing to die on the cross for saving the lives of others. Brother Franco also thanked God for experiencing the presence of God and the warmth and care from brothers and sisters in the church. Even though brother Franco used to be bad-tempered, he has been transformed by the love of God to become a new person. God’s blessings also came upon to his family that his mother has accepted Christ. Brother Franco decided to share the good news and blessings with all his friends and walk with God wholeheartedly.

Under the wonderful weather, the 21 brothers and sisters, accompanied by their shepherds, went into the water to receive God’s blessings through Pastor Gavin, brother Yong and brother Allen. We thank God for His salvation and wonderful blessings. Let us continue to serve Him faithfully and take good care of all His new creations.

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