Friend’s Day

November 13, 2005

Everyone in this world needs friends whom we can share our happiness and burden with. In this special Sunday  Pastor Gavin preached on Philippians 1:1-11, the title was “How to build and maintain a strong relationship with our friends”, telling all of us how to be a good friend to others.Right after the Sunday service we went for a picnic.

Praise God for the wonderful weather, 300 brothers, sisters and friends participated,we arrived at Kam Tin Country Club, Yuen Long at about 1:30pm.After Pastor Gavin saying grace to the food, brothers, sisters and friends started to have picnic or BBQ in the site. We all shared our foods together, even with other groups. Some brother, sisters and friends even can’t wait to play sports in the field like cycling, volleyball and flying kite. Kids enjoyed feeding the rabbits and pigs in a small farm. All of us had a wonderful fellowship and enjoyed the nature of God’s creation.

At about 4pm,brother Wesley and sister Louisa conducted the highlight of the day, each Group was given a piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors, color pens, and a roll of sticky tape for making a Friend’s day memorial card. At the same time, six check points such as rabbit jumping, riddles guessing, three-legged race, and group jumping rope etc were set in the field. Six people from each group were required to go through each check point in order to get the additional stationeries such as special pens, stickers and papers to decorate their cards. Lastly, a representative from each group shared their original ideas that the cards were designed.

Congratulation to the three winning teams: G5 was the champion and G3 and G6 were the runner-ups for their efforts and giftings of matching the theme and creativity.  Praise the Lord for all the friends that God provides.Let us carry on remembering them, caring for their needs and pray for them,so that they can experience more and more of God’s blessings.

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