Friend’s Day

November 25, 2007

Right after the Sunday Service, more than 400 of us moved to the picnic at Ma On Shan Country Park. Praise God for the wonderful weather that was neither too hot nor cold! Although each Sub-District was to prepare food for their own group, it ended up having food cross-exchanged between the different districts. This is the spirit of friendship. Meanwhile, some brothers, sisters and friends couldn’t wait to play games at the open area like kicking the shuttlecocks, volleyball, etc.

After sharing the food, Sister Nicole and Sister Emily led us with some Group Games across the Sub-Districts at about 3pm. The group games included 8 sections:
1) Exercises: each Sub-District was to send some representatives to do sit ups, push ups, rabbit jumps, etc.
2) Skipping: 5 representatives from each district were to jump at least 15 times over the skipping rope. The crowd was excited when SD3 emerged with the best score of 18 jumps!
3) Human Chain: Untangling of crisps-crossed hands
4) Making the word “Hallelujah” with our bodies
5) Drawing with blindfold
6) Folding of 50 paper stars within 1 minute
7) Collection of 5 different colored-jackets : Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Black, Blue or Purple
8) Three-legged race on a stone road
Following that, each sub-district were to engage in a group cheer that formulates the theme of “Friend’s Day” as well as spelling out the sub-district’s identity. Congratulations to Sub-District 2 as they turned out to be the overall winner.
As 5pm approaches, the coaches assisted our departure. We thank God for such a wonderful day that we could spend with all the friends we made. Let’s continually build close relationship with one another, caring and praying for one another with the Word of God as our foundation. Thank God for all of our friends!

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